The Guardian gives a good run-down about net neutrality and, sepcifically, why scrapping or endangering it is screwing us all.

Perhaps not particularly secretly, as a dirty pinko commie socialist who believes in public infrastructure and so on and so forth, the idea of private companies owning both the physical copper/fibre/whatever networks and charging people to use it is somewhat anathema to me. We have the same problem here, too, for Historical Reasons that look like they’re about to repeat themselves.

I tend to be of the opinion that infrastructure services are better run by governments than they are by private companies. Part of this, as the article points out, is the fact that even “private” utilities require so much largesse from governments (read: taxpayer dollars) to merely function. I don’t mind my tax dollars paying for the upkeep of public works–actually, that’s pretty much the #1 thing I like my tax dollars going towards–but I very much do mind them being used by private companies to fatten their profit margins while infrastructure crumbles. That’s not okay.

But it’s crony capitalism for you, I guess.