Roxx considered a lot of things and, in the end, considered just turning the damn knob and opening the damn door.

There was a man on the other side.

No, not a man. One of Elle’s things, a weird-word whatsit. He felt like sweaty basements and stale Doritos and the dubsteb glow of an Inferno game. Roxx hated him on sight. His pale flabby neck rolls and their greasy, patchy stubble. His shabby little trilby. His untied sneakers. Hated him, and suspected hating him was the point.

The man looked Roxx up and down with eyes as sticky as spilt soda, then said:

“Cute outfit. Doesn’t work with the shoes, though. You should’ve gone with the tan boots.”

Roxx slammed the door.

From the sequel to Stormbringer, codenamed BAD MEME.

The problem with having a character who’s essentially the God of Nerdbros is I have to, like, do research into things like negging. Then I have to go to, like, websites about negging.

And then I have to go have a shower. And murder things in videogames for an hour or so.

Seriously it makes getting this novel done pretty tough.