The whole “global death virus” thing put a bit of a kibosh on our planned holidays this year, so instead we redirected internally and spent a week at qualia [sic] on Hamilton Island, now that Queensland has opened its borders (to us). Activities at qualia involved:

  • sleeping
  • drinking
  • drinking in the pool
  • sleeping by the pool
  • eating
  • watching the US election
  • fishing in Final Fantasy XIV while watching the US election
  • watching my husband play Dota Underlords by the pool
  • playing Dungeons and Dragons via Roll20 while watching sunset over the ocean1 and also drinking
  • getting hot mud oil rubbed into my hair/face at the spa.

We were supposed to do a couple of other activities—getting dropped off to a private beach for a picnic, going to look at the Reef before it all dies off—but various scheduling conflicts-slash-getting rained out for three days prevented these so, like. Next time, or whatever.

Overall, I still hate the tropics (humid heat no thank you), so big shout-out to the weather for bringing the rain (I love rain). The ocean is still a giant death hole. Golf buggies (there are no cars on the island) are terrifying. Also there were way a lot of Americans at the resort? Like, of the sort that kinda looked like they were the ultra-rich sitting out the virus there full-time which is, uh. A Thing, I guess.

So yeah. qualia. An Experience I Have Now Had.

  1. Two of our other players dialled in from the maternity ward, which I really feel Says Something about our friend group. The lady who was there after literally just recovering from a c-section the day before also saved my character from falling into lava and dying so, like. Big ups on that one. []