Just a short post today, because I am officially back from both my US holiday, and from the awful concrud I brought back with my from NYCC.

Speaking of which, yes! I did my signing and it was terrifying and surreal, all at once. I confess I’d kind of expected, going in, that I would just kind of… be sitting there at a desk for an hour, not doing very much? So when I went to pick up my con badges on the Wednesday, imagine my horror to hear my editor talk about how the publicist would be collecting “a line” of people for me.

“A line?” I distinctly remember saying. “I didn’t think there’d be a line…”

There was, in fact, a line. The next hour is kind of a blur. I mostly remember trying to keep my handwriting legible and trying to spell both words and everyone’s names correctly.1 Special shout-outs to the excited girls at the front of the queue (I hope Liesmith can live up to that excitement!), and to the guy in the Cruella De Vil cosplay, because you were like my fav cosplay of the con and I’m still annoyed with myself that I didn’t get a photo.2 Also to Naomi Novik, who I got to fangirl over in the back of the PRH booth, and who has my Very First Signed Book Ever,3 and to Bill Schweigart, for the calming words.

TIL from this experience: I am not particularly good at signings, because I can’t write and chat at the same time. Also, handwriting is hard! I don’t do much of it any more, and it is weird.

Anyway. I signed my fifty physical copies of Liesmith, then moved on to postcards. It was a much busier hour than I was expecting, so big shout-out and thank you to the PRH/Hydra team for making it happen. Also, to all the people who showed up. Y’all rock, and I’m sorry I was kind dazed and out of it for the whole experience.

So yeah. That happened.

Other things that happened: I got an autograph from Mick Foley! Who is, like, literally my fav professional wrestler and who I totally made an idiot of myself in front of because holy shit it’s Mick Foley.4

On the other hand, things that did not happen: panels! I did not get to any panels, which was very remiss of me. There were a bunch I wanted to go to over the weekend, but we ended up sneaking out of the city to visit some friends in Connecticut. Which was also awesome, and involved a lot more wine. So things work out, I guess.

And, finally: an interview! I did one of those, too. I think. I mean, I was pretty out of it, post-signing. But it’s on the internet so I must’ve managed to stutter out something

  1. When you spell your own name with an “s” instead of a “ce”, it teaches you not to assume you know how anyone spells anything any more. []
  2. Or, like, your Tumblr or something. P.S. if you’re reading this somehow via Internet Magic, let me know! []
  3. Also, I’m sorry I stood next to you for like ten minutes without realising who you were. I’m a dweeb, it’s true. Also also, I meant to get you to sign me a book on the Monday, but utterly failed at doing so because I am a loser. Guh. []
  4. Other TIL: I am… not good at meeting people I idolise. Holy shit how I am not. []