Interesting look at how food dubbed “ethnic” tends to be under-priced in comparison to “European” cuisines.

The article is US-centric, but I’ve seen the same thing in effect here, particularly with regards to the giant bucket of cuisine that’s generally referred to as “Indian”. If you don’t believe me, try and drag your friends to a $30-a-main regionally specialist South Asian restaurant sometime and see how hard they complain about it. Particularly if they can’t find butter chicken on the menu.1

On the other hand, mid- to high-priced South-East Asian is more acceptably hipster here, particularly if it’s branded as “modern”, so… who knows. Maybe it’s a marketing thing; we need more attractive young South Asian celebrity chefs on commercial prime-time or something.

Also, for the record? After eating my way through a grotesque number of Michelin-starred restaurants, I still think high-end French cuisine sucks. Yeah. I said it. Come fight me.

  1. Disclaimer: I quite like butter chicken, though my Problematic Fav is chicken tikka masala, i.e. the only decent national food Britain has ever produced. []