This article on the economics of all-you-can-eat buffets reminds me of the time we went to France on a school trip when we were about fifteen or so.

We had several buffet meals at a place called Flunch, and every time the boys would swear to “show the French how a real Aussie eats!” and every time manage to demolish… about one small plate of chips.

In retrospect this was a very formative experience in realising exactly how much crap men talk which… go figure, I guess.

Relatedly, probably my best adult buffet experience was that one morning we got those BBQ pork sticky rice leaf things1 in the members’ lounge at the Conrad Macao. Followed closely by the unlimited champagne bar in the flight lounge at Hong Kong airport and yeah actually now that I’m thinking about it I’m starting to realise why we seem to end up going to Hong Kong so much…

  1. Apparently these are actually called zongzi, a fact I learned because I looked it up just now; they’re one of my favourite things ever and I’ve mostly encountered them by grabbing them off the yum cha cart, so have never actually known what to call them… []