If online feminism wasn’t important, young men wouldn’t have spent months trying to dismantle it via “deep cover,” and if Asian and black women weren’t important, these young men wouldn’t have pretended to be them. There is something absurdly triumphant (to me, a feminist) in knowing a group of white Western men spent months online pretending to be members of one of the most marginalized groups in Western society. Why? Because online feminism makes them mad?

–Fruzsina Eördögh asks, “U MAD?”

Judging by the amount of backpedalling mantears and rending of shirts and laments of how Vice has become a “useless den of progt—ed geldings and feminist neurotics” (actual quote… and do I smell a brony, to boot?) that’s going on in the comments, I’d say that someone is, indeed, exceedingly mad.

Also witness those claiming some sort of disinterested high ground by insisting the usurpation of feminists of colour “was done to poke and laugh at the feminist outrage machine” by… bringing the anti-feminist outrage machine to the Vice comment section. I mean, like, I know people historically have difficulty with the definition of “irony” but, c’mon now.

I mean, if you want to play that game; is there a “feminist outrage machine”? Damn straight there is, and it’s getting “poked” daily by, say, SCOTUS rulings that effectively say corporations are more human than women are. To just pick whatever’s on top of my Twitter feed right now.

Meanwhile, its opposing outage machine is… outraged that feminists are outraged? Or something? I mean, geeze. How dare someone have feelings about an issue that doesn’t directly revolve around the wish-fulfilment of young white male libertarians.1 What is this world coming to?

And now I’m imagining, like, the Feminist Outrage Machine as some kind of giant mecha, beating the Oppression Kaiju in the face with a shipping container on one side, while simultaneously fending off attacks from its rogue mecha prototype, Anti-Feminist Outrage Machine, on the other.

Dayaum. That sounds like it would make a pretty awesome show. Someone get Gainax animating it, stat.

  1. Given that there’s a non-trivial intersection between anti-feminists and support for things like MRAs and PUAs, it’s kinda hard not to see anti-feminism in general as a backlash by a bunch of losers angry girls won’t fuck them. (In some weird mish-mash between the sexual mores of theocratic conservative patriarchy and, like, post-sexual revolution libertarianism/objectivism? Like I said; weird.) And it’s much, much easier to blame an external force for that–say, oh just for example, feminism–than, like, take a critical look at oneself and think that, oops. Maybe girls won’t go near you because you are, in fact, at minimum, an asshole with a disturbing lack of self-awareness.