So in response to a statue of the Ten Commandments being erected outside the Oklahoma statehouse, the Church of Satan turned to the internet to raise $30,000 to create their own religious monument to donate to the state for complimentary placement. After all, if they were refused, that would be an unconstitutional privileging of one religion over another. For shame, Oklahoma. For. Shame.

VICE‘s write-up is pretty funny, and showcases the can-do attitude of the Satanists and their creative strategies for promoting awareness of their historically misunderstood faith. As an aside, I do like the statue their artist has created. I mean, I don’t need to be religious myself to appreciate a ripped tall guy with horns, right?

He’s also friendly to children, with his lap apparently able to serve as a seat. I mean seriously, don’t tell me you wouldn’t’ve thought that was awesome as a child. Or, like. Now.

No word from the Church on whether adults will also be welcome to receive wisdom and/or photo opportunities on the Dark Lord’s knee. We can only hope, I suppose.