Apparently the majority of Australians have a crippling lack of imagination coupled with a complete lack of desire to consider circumstances that drive others to flee their homes and beg for refuge at the other side of the world. Worse, they want asylum seekers treated more harshly than they already are when they arrive, a desire that borders on the psychopathic.

I suppose it is still possible to deal out harsher treatments, but people might die and that would be awkward.

–Australia. Australia no.

Somewhat related: I once suggested Australia should consider implementing a Racists for Refugees exchange program. That is, one refugee-hating racist gets swapped into a detention centre in exchange for one asylum seeker. It’s a great solution, I think: doesn’t cause undue population growth, invigorates the economy with new workers, provides humanitarian assistance, and decreases the overall prevalence of racists. It’d even make great reality TV. Win win all ’round!