Hugos: Revenge of the Update.

/Hugos: Revenge of the Update.

So I got my Hugos Voter Packet this morning. I haven’t opened it yet, and given this year’s Puppy-piss saturation, I’m almost afraid to. The only thing I’m really looking forward to in it is seeing if it has a copy of The Three-Body Problem. I already own The Goblin Emperor and Ancillary Sword, and most of the rest of the stuff I’d be potentially interested in I can find free online. So… yeah.

Speaking of free online pleasant surprises from an otherwise shitty Hugos year, go check out Galactic Suburbia. Three Australian ladies talking feminism and SFF? Yes please, do want. I’ve been listening to it while doing a bunch of really tedious costings stuff, and goddamn it makes me so much more productive. (Also good for: the gym, and doing my awful leg exercises.)

Finally, I’m mildly amused to note my post trying to entice Tumblr fandom into the Hugos picked up a little overnight. The Tumblr version has rolled off my own dash, but you can still go check out the notes on Random’s reblog. There’s some… interesting responses, and a definite age split between younger fen, who seem more into the idea (but don’t necessarily have the money to participate), and older fen who are sort of in the “yes, but… tradition!” bucket.

There is one comment I want to make that’s related to the latter point: The Hugos are not now and have never been an award for “literary” SFF. We have curated/panel-judged awards like the Nebulas and Locuses for that. The Hugos are SFF fandom’s populist award, and what’s popular in any one year and what’s going to turn out to be a Genre Great in a ten or fifty or a hundred are in no way related. So vote with your heart, not your head. Or however you want to vote, really. So long as you, yanno. Vote.

But don’t let any greybeard or spacecrone try and make you think your fandom is too “young” or too “media” (anime and videogames and webcomics, oh my!) to play along, okay? That attitude is what got us into this shit in the first place.

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