Pet owning tips from someone who works in a petstore.

I like these. I very much like these, particularly the whole “it’s a living fucking animal you better fucking know how to look after it your jackhole” part. Oh, and as someone who keeps (or used to keep) tropical fish, the whole section on “starter” pets is just… yes. So much yes. Particularly re. goldfish. Goldfish are difficult. Don’t get a goldfish. You’re very likely going to torture it to death and just because it’s a fish doesn’t mean it’s “disposable”. If you must get fish, get tropicals. They’re easier, trust me. Bettas are nice. They’re super-hardy–much tougher than goldfish, in fact–and very beautiful. But even they have specific housing needs that almost certainly aren’t the ones you think they are.

Owning pets is tough. They aren’t toys or accessories. They’re living things dependent on you for their quality of life. It’s so, so easy to let them down.