A scientific analysis.

What this is actually doing is measuring how much film critics like a film versus how much audiences like a film, using ratings from IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes. So, for example, something like Mad Max: Fury Road is considered “pretentious” (53% at the time of writing), basically because critics fucking love it. I mean, audiences fucking love it too, right? But critics fucking love it a teensy tiny bit more, hence pretentious.

There’s actually two scales here: the mass market/pretentious scale, but also a “good-o-meter” scale, represented by the colour of the bar graph. So while the length/position of the graph represents the critics-vs-commoners analysis, the colour represents the overall score. So something can be 100% mass market, despised by critics… but still be recognised as a damn good film.

… Wow that was a lot of words about a fairly silly site. 38% pretentious.