As someone who grew up the notoriously freezing Canberra, I’m nonetheless never so cold as I am when I visit, say, Sydney or Wollongong,1 particularly in the winter. I mean, it might be like -10°C at home, but at least we have central heating and a decent doona!

Apparently, cold houses are an endemic problem in Australia. Because there’s this myth it “doesn’t get cold”, houses are often built without things like insulation, or the aforementioned central heating. Which, yanno, sounds like kind of a minor complaint until you realize it quite possibly kills people.

  1. Never have I ever encountered a house colder than that of my in-laws. They built it themselves but they’re also from the West Australian desert, which means they put in things like a bottom floor level with effectively no access to sunlight. “Dark and freezing” doesn’t even begin to cover it… []