Stop with the “playing field” bullshit already! [Education is] not a race. It’s not a contest. I’m not trying to determine who “wins” in my cell biology class. I do test “knowledge, comprehension, and analytical ability”, because I want the students to be prepared for the next course in the sequence, or for graduate/professional school, or the workplace.

If you want to demand grace under pressure, though, I can cover that. I’ve got students who are working two jobs to pay for college. I’ve got students from broken homes. I’ve got students who were poorly served by their high schools who are working twice as hard to catch up. If we must analogize it to a race, these are students who start 20-meters behind the other students, and [law professor Bruce] Pardy is complaining that we are trying to help them get to the starting line before the starting gun.

PZ Myers on education.

Reading this was such a wake-up; it only occurred to me after reading this that school had inculcated “horserace education” in me so thoroughly I hadn’t really questioned that it might, yanno, be kind of a shitty way of doing things…