Congress as an institution cannot function on this kind of partisan mentality. There can be no meaningful oversight of the executive branch if the only standards are “Yay, team!” and “Boo, team!” The party of the president should be just as keen as the other party to enforce subpoenas and punish contempt, because both parties in Congress should feel the same concern for the powers of Congress. But of course, that’s not how things work.

Almost all Republicans in the House of Representatives, and the great majority of Republicans in the Senate, will act to defend a president they despise against charges they know to be true. The worst of them will hare after crazy conspiracy theories. Most, though, will voice their concern and then find ways to avoid their duty. The system that protects all of us has failed because the protectors of that system have failed to protect it for us.

David Frum on checks and balances.

I mean… Frum is not wrong here but, also, Never Forget he was the asshole that coined the phrase “axis of evil” and in doing so is, far more than most, responsible for ushering in the current hyper-partisan, post-truth, ends-justifies-the-means era. Just, yanno. While we’re keeping score.