As a non-US viewer of [Agents of SHIELD] (and the Marvel films) I’m sure I have more of an issue than some people with the AoS team just arriving in a country, doing whatever they want, then waltzing out again, leaving their mess behind with only a, “Trust us, we’re the good guys” as reassurance. SHIELD comes across as an US agency and given current political events about how certain US agencies have treated the rest of the world, it’s hard to buy into the fantasy vision where black suited people show up, bundle people into vans (with their logo on it) and then disappear with an abductee, only to dump them in other countries when they are finished… and be expected to cheer for them.

–On how it’s getting increasingly difficult to see the current trends in superhero media as being anything but deeply troubling political propaganda. I’m not convinced it’s intentional, per se, but still…

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