We can all laugh at stereotypes sometimes — but it helps if you’re laughing with us, not at us. The use of stereotypes should say something larger about society and their role in it. Every character that is boiled down to a few broad traits is harmful to a story, but queer characters that are played for laughs due to their sexuality harm people.

–Danielle Riendeau on GSRM stereotypes in games.

I watched a Let’s Play of the Dead Rising 3 Jherii encounter literally the day prior to reading this article (not specifically because of the encounter, but I’d been watching the LP on-and-off for a while and the timing was coincidental).

DR3 does, I think, a lot of thing better than its predecessor, but its “psychopath” encounters are still easily its weakest part. Firstly because most don’t even make sense given the context of the story, but mostly because they rely on a kind of really gross, unimaginative victimisation of people who are often already members of victimised groups. Jherii is one of the most egregious examples, but I’d also put Darlene and Dylan1 at the top of the list; the former because her entire shtick seems to be “fat chicks are subhuman”, the latter because his entire shtick is “GAAAAYYY PAAANIIIIIC!!!”. Oh, and Sgt. Hilde would be up there as well (“slutty chicks lol”). And Harry Wong (“Asian men lol”) and–

Look, Jesus. Just… they’re all pretty terrible.

Fuck me, man. This is why we can’t have nice things.

  1. Though I have to admit I’m kind of in love with Dylan’s teeth.