INFOSEC is very, very blokey. It’s all the usual geek space hyper-macho bullshit, plus added layers from the military-industrial complex, with a male-to-female ration even worse than “regular” IT. Don’t get me wrong, I love the industry but… yeah. This doesn’t surprise me one bit.

I’ve been to exactly one INFOSEC conference. It was great fun, but I went with a (junior, but older) male colleague and basically hid in my room after dark.1 The conference I attended had had notable past incidents of physical violence–someone had been knifed a year or two before–and there was a lot of alcohol and, well. Being inside my hotel room with my laptop just seemed the safest bet.

Thanks to the post linked here, I learnt one of the guys who presented at that conference has an outstanding rape accusation against him. Fuck, man.

One of dreams has always been to go to DEF CON/Black Hat; a work colleague went this year and I was mad jelly of it. But I’ll be honest. There’s cost and there’s distance to take into account, yes. But the main thing that’s kept me from seriously trying to get out there?


  1. To be honest, I was on a writing binge at the time, so mostly I was escaping to smash out a few thousand words before bed. But whatevs. []