That’s right, today I am officially Old, by which I mean 30. Most importantly, it means I got some presents, hooray.

This one's a quilt.

This one’s a quilt.

First up, mum got a fancy new sewing machine the other week, so she has used this new power to make me a quilt for the spare bed.

Mum’s done quilting before, but I think this is the first time I can remember her doing it with “traditional” cotton quilting fabrics (previously she’s used fabric from old saris and kimono).

Did I mention purple and green are like some of my favourite colours? Because hey. They are. (Plus, they’re also Traditional Comic Book Supervillain colours. Perfect!)

Delicious CO2...

Delicious CO2…

My second present, from my husband, is a SodaStream. This is, apparently, one of the older versions because that all-important market segment, Mums on the Internet, like them better, and the newer models “break too much”. I trust my husband’s extensive Googling on the subject of household drinks makers and, more importantly, now I can make soda water whenever I run out. Have I mentioned how much I fucking love soda water? Because I do. I buy like three cases of it a week. Except not anymore!

Assembling this was a bit nerve-wracking, because I am chronically anxious and was paranoid the CO2 bottle was going to, like, explode if I breathed on it wrong or something. I’m pleased to report that it did not, and that we had some mojito flavoured soda water last night. It… wasn’t too bad, actually. Though plain soda water is still my favourite.

Writing books for writers.

Writing books for writers.

Second in my husband’s birthday Googling exploits was looking for the best writing books for writers, which turned up these two. Both are apparently out-of-print in hardcover, so these are second hand. The Chicago Manual of Style in particular is an ex-library copy, still wrapped up in plastic with its call number sticker on the spine, so profuse apologies to all the kids who use the Dayton Metro Library and need to know where the semicolon goes.

As for On Writing, this was one of the very first books I ever bought on my Kindle (in fact, it may have been the first book). It’s fantastic, simple and clear advice presented in a sort of meta-narrative that does more to show the writing process than any telling ever could. Seriously, even if you’re not a fan of King, I’d highly recommend picking this book up if you’ve got even the slightest interest about writing as a craft. It really is brilliant.

But, no, in case you were wondering, you may not borrow my copy.

Here’s to the first day of my thirties!