Okay so this is extremely cool. It’s basically a todo list crossed with an RPG, where your tasks are your “quests” and completing them gives experience, gold, and items. Not completing things–or completing your “do not dos”–costs you health and, if you die, items and levels.

Probably unsurprisingly, I initially set mine up with a bunch of health- and writing-related things: a daily to meet my Scrivener wordcount, with bonuses for exceeding it; a “30 minutes of fiction reading” daily, because I’ve been lax on that lately; and habits to exercise more, drink less alcohol, and to maintain my paleo eating. It… seems to be going pretty well so far. I think so, anyway.

Habit RPG is, I guess, sort of a Neopets-for-adults, for which the official fancy words are the “gamification of life”. As a gamer, obviously, this strategy is pretty effective on me, and Habit’s cute 8-bit sprite art definitely helps as well.

There are a whole bunch more social features in the game–bosses and quests and such–but I’m not high level enough to have unlocked them at the time of writing. Also, the iOS client kinda sucks. Still. All-in-all a very cute little app, and hopefully a positive life influence to boot.