And this applies to every site. ‘But I can’t let my site get stale, traffic will dip.’ So what? Do you really want to post content you aren’t ready to share, or content you post only for the sake of meeting your one new thing each day, or your 2-3 things each week? That’s disrespectful to those who follow your site. Guess what bad things happen when you only post good stuff to your site? Nothing. Not a single bad thing. Oh your ad revenues might dip, but if that’s your motivation then you aren’t motivated for the right reasons.

And for big publishers, tell them to go fuck themselves.

That’s what we used to do. We used to vote with our attention and then at some point we stopped caring and decided it wasn’t the job of the media to determine what matters, it’s our job to wade through it. So instead of media outlets hiring smart people who can distill complicated subjects, they just started hiring people who could write somewhat passable sentences and a lot of barely passable sentences in a day.

We have a name for this: we call it 24/7 cable news — but it applies to everything, even blogs. Especially blogs.

Ben Brooks just says no to clickbait.