Go cuck yourself.

/Go cuck yourself.

Men’s rights, alt-right — whatever you wanna call your flavor of white nationalism — sells you on the promise that, once you help the rich eliminate the immigrants, queers, non-whites and disabled, you’ll share in the bounty of the rectified world.


In the best possible scenario (for you), you win the day and drive all the undesirables out, and then turn to your brethren to celebrate, realizing that not many openings in “CEO” or “conservative journalist” or “neo-masculinity life coach” have been created as a result of a brother dying in action, so now you get to work the Applebee’s you just liberated for the master race. You realize that service jobs aren’t worthless, but instead pushed on those society deems as worth less, just as you’re shot or deported for taking leftover babyback ribs to feed your family because you vowed to make America “great” not “economically equitable” again.


Future editorial comics will remember you as a pasty white boy in an anime t-shirt with swastikas in his eyes yelling “ERASE ME FROM THE GENE POOL, DADDY” at Donald Trump. That’s you. That’s you forever.

Jetta Rae on cucking.

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