So companies can now follow you around the internet with their ads even easier thanks to Google’s Customer Match service. Awesome.

For the record, this is why I don’t give companies my Google account email address when they ask me for addresses; I have a custom domain with a catch-all email (i.e. everything sent to literally any address goes into the same mailbox) and then use a new address for each website I sign up to (e.g.,,, and so on). That all gets forwarded into my GMail account, but the addresses aren’t actually associated with that account.

For bonus points, it also lets me know who leaks my passwords and who sells me address to spammers. Awesome.

It’s not foolproof privacy–data correlation would be still possible if anyone knew which domain(s) I use for this–but it knocks out some of the low-hanging fruit like Match.

Oh, and incidentally? The title is because Match would be illegal in most major non-US jurisdictions; countries with sane privacy laws don’t allow the non-consensual sharing of PII (which includes email addresses) with third parties. Just, yanno. So you’re aware.