Gendered empathy.

/Gendered empathy.

One of those “Can You Read People’s Emotions?” tests where they show you pictures of eyes and you have to guess the emotion being conveyed.

Largely unremarkable bar the fact I noticed that, when I was going through it, I could correctly guess the masculine-coded eyes with no effort, but really struggled with the feminine-coded ones. To answer the latter “correctly”, I basically had to step outside of my own mindset and think not how I’d read them, i.e. what emotion I though I’d be experiencing if I looked like that, but how I thought a man would read them. Like, to me, pretty much all the feminine-coded eyes read as “mildly bored” and/or “gtf away from me”, even when they tended to be attached to answers like “desire” or “fantasizing”.1

I mean, I’m probably reading way too much into a bullshit pop-psych quiz but… still. I don’t think it’s just me, right?

  1. … Seriously? ^
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