One of those “Can You Read People’s Emotions?” tests where they show you pictures of eyes and you have to guess the emotion being conveyed.

Largely unremarkable bar the fact I noticed that, when I was going through it, I could correctly guess the masculine-coded eyes with no effort, but really struggled with the feminine-coded ones. To answer the latter “correctly”, I basically had to step outside of my own mindset and think not how I’d read them, i.e. what emotion I though I’d be experiencing if I looked like that, but how I thought a man would read them. Like, to me, pretty much all the feminine-coded eyes read as “mildly bored” and/or “gtf away from me”, even when they tended to be attached to answers like “desire” or “fantasizing”.1

I mean, I’m probably reading way too much into a bullshit pop-psych quiz but… still. I don’t think it’s just me, right?

  1. … Seriously? []