I know it’s easy to forget the more Gatery aspect of the online neo-fascist movement in light of everything else going on, but yes, they’re still active, and they’re still publicly harassing Anita Sarkeesian.

From her statement over the most recent incident:

To kick off the Women Online panel at VidCon last Thursday, the moderator posed the question: Why do we still have to talk about the harassment of women? I replied, “Because I think one of my biggest harassers is sitting in the front row.” He showed up with several others; together, his group took up the two front rows at the panel. Their presence was plainly not, as one of them later said in an “apology” video he posted to Twitter, to “give us the chance we never gave them” and to “hear us out,” but was instead to intimidate me and put me on edge. They will no doubt plead innocent and act shocked at what they characterize as the outrageousness of such allegations. This, too, is part of their strategy: gaslighting, acting in a way intended to encourage me and their other targets to doubt ourselves and to wonder if all of this isn’t just in our heads. But to anyone who examines their patterns of behavior with clear eyes, the intentions of their actions are undeniably apparent.

As Sarkeesian points out, these people literally make money–in the realm of thousands of dollars a month–endlessly harassing women online. And, not just that, because remember the tech platforms themselves, places like YouTube and Patreon, allow it.

VidCon should ban every single one of these assholes in perpetuity.