The long weekend, spent with my boyfriend and good friends, was a reminder that my life, which is busy and social and has a lot of love in it, couldn’t be any more different than that of the lonely, bitter hag that the harassers declare I must be day in and day out. The contrast between my actual reality and what I am being told about myself all day long, every day, on Twitter stunned me. I realized it’s not enough to keep reminding myself that the harassers are speaking more about what they wish to be true than what is true. Constantly reminding yourself that you do, in fact, have it good drains the energy you have to enjoy having it so good.

–Amanda Marcotte on harassment.

Marcotte is mostly talking about Twitter, here, but I’d also add things like Tumblr askbox hate and fandom’s equivalent of 4chan, the LJ/DW anonmemes. Watch wankfests flare up on these a few times and the pattern is as recognisable as it is when the targets are feminist commentators and the medium is Twitter.