So apparently Amazon’s warehouses are kinda shitty places to work (still).

Let’s be perfect clear here, though: this isn’t about “manual labour being hard”, as I’ve seen some (coughwhite collarcough) people glibly opine. Because, yes, manual labour is physically taxing; no fucking shit. But there’s a difference between that and the kind of systemic dehumanisation this article is (these articles are) talking about.

What’s being alleged here is that Amazon systematically grinds workers into the dust by continually increasing quotas, knowing that the staff will burn out, be unable to meet goals, and then be able to be freely fired. That’s not “hard work”, that’s exploitation.

The most ironic part of reading articles like this, at least for me in Australia, is that Amazon is not just one of the slowest online retailers, but one that has the most exorbitant shipping.

Go figure, I guess. I really should stop buying things from those guys…