The last few years, Apple has sold, on average, 800,000 new iPhones a day. In order to meet the demand, not only do they have to manufacture phones close to that rate, but all of the components that they buy from other companies have to be manufactured by those other companies at that rate. Samsung, currently the only source of the high-end OLED screen mentioned above, literally can’t manufacture them fast enough to meet that kind of demand. And that isn’t the only component in the premium phones like that. So part of the reason that both Samsung and Apple are charging nearly 1000 bucks for their highest-end phones is because they want most of their customers to buy the other models, the ones that don’t have components which can’t (yet) be produced at that quantity.

fontfolly on $1,000 phones.

Yes. This.

Seriously, the scale of the ecosystem behind Apple’s incredible throughput of iPhones is… pretty much unprecedented, and it goes all the way down their supply chain. There is, after all, a reason they appointed a CEO (i.e. Tim Cook) with a background in logistics…