There are two objects: gags and earplugs.

If I get a gag and stuff it in your mouth, I am violating your right of free speech. That is bad. It would restrict your free speech. I wouldn’t do that.

If you are yammering at me and being generally annoying, for any reason whatsoever, and I get a pair of earplugs and stuff them in my ears, I am not restricting your right of free speech in any way. In fact, it would be an imposition on my autonomy if you insisted that I don’t have a right to use earplugs.

It is also not authoritarian if someone comes along with a big bag of earplugs and hands them out for free to anyone who is tired of hearing, for instance, ranting libertarian assholes.

–PZ Myers on blockbots.

Man anti-progressives sure do get pissy about people blocking them on social media. Myers attempts to make a simple analogy even they can understand, but I’m afraid the gesture may be futile.