Look, I know that censorship is bad. I know this, because there’s a whole amendment about freedom of expression in the Constitution. It was written by James Madison, who based it off a bill that Thomas Jefferson introduced in the Virginia legislature in 1779. So, the existence of this “erotic” short story fetishizing slavery and rape, about a real slave owner and the real woman he raped from the time she was a little girl is protected by a law that was originally the work of that slave owner who raped that little girl. Not only does this book exploit the rape and enslavement of Sally Hemings, it uses the historical political power of her rapist against her over a century later. Even in death, she’s being violated, but our laws say that we can’t violate the author’s rights to write and publish this shit.

–Jenny Trout on justifications.

Trout is talking here about the erotic ebook Thomas Jefferson’s Mistress:: Werewolf Fetish Vampire MILF Sex Slave. There was a bit of a wank storm around Trout’s criticism of this book, around the race of the book’s author, around the book’s actual content (apparently not containing as much Hemings/Jefferson smut as promised by the title… or, in fact, much smut at all), and around the fact Anne Rice got involved in the drama because why the hell not.

But, all that aside, I thought this quote from Trout makes an interesting point about the nature of institutional oppression and the racist history of western liberalism.

Something to think about, anyway.