Fracking Hell.

/Fracking Hell.

[Oklahoma being the US’s most seismically active state] may seem odd if you know that earthquakes tend to congregate around major fault lines like the one running through California, of which there are none anywhere near Oklahoma.

Before 2008, Oklahoma experienced an average of 1 to 3 earthquakes per year over 3.0 magnitude. Last year, there were 564.

Researchers believe that this is most likely due to an increase in fracking, the act of firing water and chemicals into shale rock, fracturing them and releasing fossil fuels. A recent study from geologists at Miami University found that last year, fracking led to a burst of more than 70 earthquakes in an area of Ohio that had previously never had an earthquake.

In other words, oil companies have graduated from being immoral agents of environmental disasters and global warming to being actual Bond villains. They have discovered the means of manmade earthquakes. That is literally what Max Zorin wanted to do in View to a Kill.

–Rebecca Watson finds literal Bond villains.

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