What to try if you’re just passing through, and need to return with comestible gifts for friends and family. Those who’ve read Liesmith should recognize Fantales, which are amazing awesome sinfully delicious sugar-hunks it’s a crime you can’t get elsewhere.

Gotta confess, however, that I do love a Mint Slice more than a Tim-Tam.1 Either way, Americans? If you’re wondering why no-one in Australia except pretentious hipsters gives a shit about your piss-weak Oreo nonsense, it’s because we all grew up eating real chocolate cookies.

  1. Basically because I ate a lot of Tim-Tams in college, a.k.a. senior high. I used to be in the nerd club that ran the school’s IT network, and the librarians we “worked” for paid us in Tim-Tams. Apparently you can get enough of a good thing, go figure. []