Fiscally conservative, socially deluded.

/Fiscally conservative, socially deluded.

You can’t separate fiscal issues from social issues. They’re deeply intertwined. They affect each other. Economic issues often are social issues. And conservative fiscal policies do enormous social harm. That’s true even for the mildest, most generous version of “fiscal conservatism” — low taxes, small government, reduced regulation, a free market. These policies perpetuate human rights abuses. They make life harder for people who already have hard lives. Even if the people supporting these policies don’t intend this, the policies are racist, sexist, classist (obviously), ableist, homophobic, transphobic, and otherwise socially retrograde. In many ways, they do more harm than so-called “social policies” that are supposedly separate from economic ones.

–Greta Christina knows the fiscal is political.

The article then goes into the main reasons why fiscal conservatism causes social harm, including perpetuating the poverty cycle, fostering hostile environments at work and at home, proliferating racist institutions, and more.

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