Two facts I didn’t know. One, apparently Rotten Tomatoes was originally made by a dude to catalog reviews for Jackie Chan films. And two, apparently Hollywood is absolutely freakin’ terrified of the thing.

Which is… weird? Like, I’ll check RT sometimes out of interest, but I wouldn’t say it figures heavily in my decision on whether or not to see a film. It’s more like, it helps me feel vindicated with a film I already enjoyed got a high score (or, let’s be real, a film I don’t like didn’t). So maybe this is a case of Hollywood confusing correlation with causation.

The article does have one interesting point, though, made by an anonymous Hollywood exec:

When you take the 140 Rotten Tomatoes critics, you’re talking about a lot of men, a lot of white guys, a lot of people over 40. A 17-year-old girl is making a decision about what she wants to see based on that aggregate decision? I don’t think it actually mirrors their own taste.

For what it’s worth, the publishing industry has a similar relationship with sites like GoodReads, even though it likes to pretend it doesn’t…