Crucially, [Andrea] Dworkin’s feminism, however outdated some of it seems today, was one propelled by ideas, rather than feelings — the idea that men are bad rather than the feeling that they are, the idea that all men should be castrated rather than the feeling that they should be (I’m extrapolating a bit here). The false choices of modern feminism — Women are “empowered!” They work! AND they have babies now! And they do twice the amount of work as a man for less money! Slay! — have led us to a place of complacency, where what we feel takes precedence over what we think.

Leah Finnegan on liberal feminism.

The article is about the fallout from the Weinstein assault allegations, so obvious content warning at the article, although the actual incidents aren’t discussed in details. Also obligatory disclaimer for Dworkin, whose second-wave-radical-feminist views on trans people have been… not always that great.