Pope Francis is praised by progressives despite his sexist statements about women and hypocritical and discriminatory treatment of them, his extremist remarks about gays and comparison of transgender individuals to nuclear weapons and the Church’s discriminatory, exclusionary policies toward women and LGBTQQI people. He is lauded for his advocacy for climate change while numerous sources have criticized his hypocrisy on the subject, since the U.N. has called for family planning initiatives the church adamantly opposes as an important tool to combat climate change.

Sexist bigots should not be congratulated for their good points, nor called progressives, nor radicals, nor a breath of fresh air, nor reformers. Progressive should not be saying, as they do when they support Pope Francis, that sexism and homophobia – at least when dressed in religious garb – is OK. (Or at least some religious garb: I haven’t noticed progressives touting the good works of otherwise homophobic and sexist Evangelical Christians or ultra-Orthodox Jews or Fundamentalist Muslims.) […]

Pope Francis has made many savvy comments about love and service and acceptance that may appeal to our deepest sense of what is right, but in reality, Pope Francis is no more progressive than his predecessors.  As Pope Benedict’s own secretary, Archbishop Georg Ganswein, has pointed out, the differences between the two are stylistic, not substantive. “I know of no doctrinal statements from Pope Francis which are contrary to the statements of his predecessor. That would be absurd, too. It is one thing to emphasize the pastoral efforts more clearly because the situation requires it. It is something else entirely to make a change in teaching.” In what appears to be a well-orchestrated P.R. effort Pope Francis simply chooses to focus on issues that better resonate with the American public and use softer language to describe unchanged positions.

Anna March on the Pope Con.

Yeah, Tumblr. I am looking at you. If I have to see another post vomited onto my dash praising this asshole I’m going to be sick.