On the fashion industry’s relationship with sizes above 10.

Being an Australian, one of the things that always throws me about these articles is that US women’s clothing sizes are two-to-four steps “down” from what things are here. So, for example, a US 10 is an Aus 12-14, and a US 14 is an Aus 16-18.

Well. Mostly.

I say “mostly” because the phenomenon of vanity sizing means that US-made clothes are often sold here under their US size. I have a brand of comfortable mom jeans I like, for example, that do this; I wear a 16, which is “really” a 20, although the department store clerks will only mention this when they’re trying to sell you a size 14 (i.e. 18) pair instead because they never stock any/enough of the goddamn 16s.

Meanwhile, I’m still 5’7″ which means nothing in any of the “discount” department stores (e.g. Zara, Uniqlo) fits me, on account of it all being imported from Asia and designed for women maxing out at about 5’3″, so it’s all too short in the cuffs or narrow across the shoulders. Not to mention I have comparatively small boobs, meaning nothing in plus sized stores fits me either (it’s all too big across the bust).


Good thing my mum knows how to sew, I guess.