Eep! So I was totally all over Jim C. Hines’ Invisible project last year, which was a collection of essays about diversity and representation in SFF.

Well, Jim is doing the project again this year, and guess who got to write about being a fat geek girl? That’s right, this fat geek girl did.

This was a tough/cathartic thing to write for me, since it opens the gates to a whole boatload of identity (“you’re not that fat!”) and career (“if you care about fat girls so  much why don’t you write about them?”) policing, and that unpacks a whole bunch of other raw emotional stuff I’m bad at dealing with.1

Still! That aside; a post! I wrote it! Y’all should go read it, and go read the rest of this year’s essays while you’re at it.

  1. The answers to said rhetorical questions, if you’re wondering, are roughly the same, and can be summed up as something like, “I’m only just now starting to deal with the idea I will never be A Thin Girl™, and the characters in Liesmith are old enough to come from a time prior to me working towards that point” (and even then they’re not exactly a runway of GAP models themselves!). []