So most of you probably know Facebook is currently facing down new privacy regulation in the EU, called the GDPR. In essence, its introduction means that, a) Facebook can no long shadily sell off European users’ data to the highest bidder, and b) there are hefty fines for any company caught doing the dodgy.1

What most of you might not know, however, is that all Facebook users outside of the US and Canada are considered “European users”, since Facebook runs its non-North American operations out of Ireland.2 What that means is that, technically, the GDPR should protect the data of all of those users too. That’s 1.5 billion user accounts, i.e. the majority of Facebook’s userbase, including all Australian users.

So, naturally, Facebook is working to immediately exempt them from the law. Because it literally has no other way of surviving other than selling your data off to spy agencies both government and private.

So, yanno. About that…

Edit: More here.

  1. And, let’s be honest, Facebook gets caught doing the dodgy a lot. []
  2. A lot of companies do. It’s a tax dodge. []