It’s not just Facebook; every single online publication, including all the ones reporting negative stories, are sharing your browsing data with third parties. Hell, the website at that link is sharing your data with third parties (9% of its page requests were blocked by uBlock). Hell, even this website is sharing your data with (pick one, depending on where you’re seeing it):

  • CloudFlare,, Google, Gravatar.
  • CloudFlare, Tumblr, Yahoo!, Scorecard Research, MarkMonitor, Cedexis, Fastly, FontAwesome, Google, jQuery.
  • CloudFlare, Dreamwidth, Google.

In theory, most of those sites perform “valid” services. CloudFlare and MarkMonitor do DNS.1 Cedexis and Fastly do CDN-style services. Google and FontAwesome serve fonts. Gravatar provides global user avatars. jQuery provides a popular JavaScript library. Tumblr/Yahoo! and Dreamwidth are their respective platforms. But just because they’re useful doesn’t mean they’re, a) 100% necessary, or b) not potentially tracking, commodifying, and on-selling huge quantities of surveillance data.

Oh, and then there are things like Scorecard Research, which is absolutely a surveillance company. So… yanno. There’s that.

  1. Among other things… []