[S]uperhero stories center white, Western people even as they claim to be about issues that largely concern people of color and the Global South.  The construction “a TV show about moderate racists taking on a vehement racist so they can learn to be slightly less racist” describes so much of the current superhero genre (and gets at why I’ve grown increasingly bored, not to say suspicious, when stories in this genre trot out cartoon Nazis as their ultimate villains–at this stage, it just feels like a distraction, a way to keep me from noticing the heroes’ less overt fascist tendencies).

Abigail Nussbaum on who our heroes are.

Nussbaum’s post is a round-up of political commentary about Captain America: Civil War, and particularly the squirmy uneasy feeling it (and the entire superhero boom) tends to give people who aren’t, say, white Americans.