Periodic reminder.

Gjoni, remember, is the man who started GamerGate as a way to intentionally ruin the life of a woman who wouldn’t fuck him, probably because ref. post title and words “awful human being”. In case you think that’s a harsh assessment–“he was just angry and made a mistake! he didn’t know how big it would get!” or “actually it’s about ethics in videogame journalism!”–then I would direct you to read the linked article, which makes it pretty fucking clear just how terrifying and awful Gjoni is. No one should fuck Gjoni. Like, ever. It’d be like trying to get it on with a live grenade. The women he’s hurt previously didn’t know what they were in for. Now, everyone does.

Also, the article has a photo. Just so you, y’know. Know who to avoid at all costs on the off-chance you happen to be in the same… let’s say state-sized radius, just to be safe.

Incidentally, speaking of ethics in videogame journalism, the article makes it pretty clear exactly why this is GamerGate’s catch-cry:

Gjoni fell for [Zoe Quinn] hard—maybe too hard, given how brief their relationship was. He began idealizing Quinn as “this perfect ethical thing,” he says, and less as a gifted and flawed woman who battled chronic depression.

That’s fucking why. Because Eron Gjoni, Awful Human Being, decided a woman was a thing.

He decided she was a Thing, and he put that Thing on a pedestal, and when Quinn tried to make it clear that was something she’d never asked for, Eron Gjoni, Awful Human Being, had a fucking hissy whiney little manbaby tantrum. And, unlucky for Quinn and unlucky for the rest of us, we live in a society where whiney little manbaby tantrums are not treated with the contempt they deserve, but instead attract hordes of other little hissy whiney manbabies who mass up into a roaring manbaby sealion that belches toxic shit-vomit over everyone and everything it touches.

Like I said, no one should fuck Eron Gjoni, but fuck Eron Gjoni.

What an awful fucking waste of DNA.