The Klan was designed to be a shadow organization. It was engineered to be disavowed. They wear hoods and operate primarily at night. Everyone who occupies some position of authority or social dignity is supposed to express outrage about the KKK even if they are members. That’s how white nationalist violence was executed in an otherwise “free” society.

Americans have always embraced colorblindness as a component of gentility, a class marker. […] There are no racists in America. Properly domesticated Americans conceal their racism beneath a colorblind veneer. “I don’t see color” and “I have lots of black friends” are mantras that allow systemic racism to go unchallenged. […] We live in a system engineered to produce unjust outcomes along racial lines. Half a century after the Civil Rights Acts, we still fight to avoid recognizing that injustice.

[…] Supporters often remark that Trump “tells it like it is” or he “says what we’re thinking.” Through color-blind glasses this paints a strange picture. After all, when Trump isn’t lying he’s generally either evading or distorting. Voters are describing him as a straight shooter not because he’s telling the truth, but because he has abandoned the politically correct language used by the ‘in-crowd’ to embarrass less eloquent racists.

Chris Ladd on modern racism.

Two things about the linked article: Ladd’s handle is “goplifer”, which should clue you in that this criticism is coming from inside the house. He also really, really takes the “blindness” metaphor and runs with it which, yanno. I’m not sure the visually impaired would be too thrilled with. So head’s up on that one.