[An “empowering epistemology” is] a way to make sense of the world based not on the best possible evidence but rather on the evidence that gives you the strongest feeling of control.

Alan Levinovitz on gun culture, wellness culture.

This is about the parallels between gun culture and “wellness” culture/antivaxxing, and it’s interesting although I wouldn’t say I’m enthused about Levinovitz’s take-homes, which I think… conveniently elide some realities about the sort of “disempowerment” that fuels US gun culture (spoiler alert: it’s racism). He also, apparently straight-facedly, writes, “since concealed weapons and nutritional supplements become a literal extension of yourself [their regulation is] as if the government were trying to regulate your body” which I’m sure has, like, every single woman/LGBTQIA person staring into the camera like it’s the fucking Office