I was thinking about how people complain that they can’t send links in Twitter direct messages. And I was thinking about a system where youcould send links privately.

In the ideal situation that system would be owned by nobody and would be based on open standards. The message wouldn’t pass through any one specific service.

That system is email, of course. It’s a miracle.

Yet we hate it so much.

–Brent Simmons wonders why everyone hates email.

Spoiler alert: it’s because the implementations of it fucking suck. I mean, think about your email client; it hasn’t really changed much since, IDK, like circa 1985 or some shit. Unless you use Gmail, I guess, and the thing about Gmail is that it uses a whole bunch of weird-ass proprietary non-standard implementations of IMAP to differentiate itself. At least Google is trying, but it ain’t much good for the rest of us.

True story, I was a big believer in Google Wave when it was released. Google What? Yeah, pretty much. It was supposed to revolutionize email, and, conceptually at least, it was awesome.

Shame the web interface sucked and no one other than the Googs ever implemented it. Fuck. The technology is managed by Apache now, but don’t expect it to be going anywhere anytime soon. And, meanwhile, all the New and Interesting advances in communications protocols (and UIs) are being doing in vendor-locked, uninteroperable, proprietary clients. Because apparently that’s the way the internet works nowadays.

Fuck, man. Where did we go wrong?