A JavaScript plugin that aims to simulate the “letter jumping” effect reported by many people with dyslexia.

I whole-word read, so the fact this script keeps the first and last letters in a word, plus the “expected” length, constant means I can still, for the most part, skim read. At least until I start hitting words above about five or six characters in length, particularly if they start a sentence/paragraph and thus I can’t guess them from the context of what’s come before (the “developmental” in the second paragraph of the Wikipedia quote is a killer).

One of the things I’ve always wondered: how does dyslexia affect the ability to read pictographic languages like Nsibidi,  or logographic languages like Chinese? Are there “different versions” of dyslexia that manifest as difficulty reading these scripts, even when an individual is fine with alphabetic languages (and vice versa)? Surely someone’s studied this. Hm…

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