The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy–as in, the in-universe version, not the Really Real World version–was basically a Kindle.

Slight aside: there’s a comment on the linked post (I know, I know) that asks:

ebooks are all well and good, but if I buy it today, will I have it in 20 years? I think not.

There’s this perception–and I admit I have it too–that ebooks, being digital content, are somehow more ephemeral than physical items. While it’s true that, downstairs, I do still have my own physical copies of HG2G, this did make me wonder about the oldest files I have on my computer.

So I went and looked. As it turned out, I couldn’t quite get back twenty years, probably because that was 1994 and I would’ve been ten at the time. I’m not sure I was using the computer a hell of a lot back then.

The closest I got? 1996:

Don't open them, Alis...

Don’t open them, Alis…

Note also that I only went looking for files that I’d created and kept for the last eighteen years, not old files that were shipped in via the OS, applications, or whatever.1

So… yeah. I’m not sure what that says, exactly. Maybe just that it’s a lot easier to packrat files from a bazillion years ago than people tend to think, particularly noting those files would’ve been through at least half a dozen different computers/HDDs/CD-ROMs/etc. in order to get to where they are.

Now. If you’ll excuse me. I need to go zero out some folder on my hard drive…

  1. Old fonts. I seem to have a lot of ancient font files for some reason. []