[A]ny time you want to make sure that your “inclusiveness” includes the most awful amongst us, please understand you’re not creating a safe space for anybody but the abusers.

–Chuck Wendig on inclusiveness.

Wendig’s post is about Irene Gallo, the creative director at Tor, who called out the Sad/Rabid Puppies on her personal Facebook page, got screencapped by master creeper Vox Day, and then publicly denounced by Tor founder Tom Doherty in an effort to, I guess, suck up to the angry Puppies.

Let’s just point out at this junction that when Tor employee James Frenkel was fired after accusations of sexual harassment, the company “wish[ed] him the best“. Strangely enough, no public blog post from Tom Doherty appeared at the time reminding all Tor staff not to engage in sexual harassment, and restating the publisher’s commitment to providing a harassment free working environment.

Gee. Fancy that.

EtA: Also? This.