Do it like Diaryland.

/Do it like Diaryland.

On the long, slow quiescence of this forgotten social network. Tl;dr, Diaryland didn’t sell its users out (a la Facebook, Twitter, etc.), thus never turned massive profit or experienced (read: had an incentive to chase) massive growth.

Ironically, I think Diaryland was probably the only early social network I didn’t have an account on (and I had a Melo, of all things)…

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  1. nounbeast 12th September, 2018 at 7:45 pm

    Ha, pretty sure I had one back in the day, but literally never did a thing with it–just had it so nobody else could claim the username. I was about to say that I probably ignored it thanks to a(n ew, feminine!) word such as “diary” in its URL, but… well, that holds no water whatsoever, doesn’t it?

    I think its popularity back in the day was the sheer reason for it. And also the reason I turned my nose up at anyone threatening to call the hodgepodge of enraged stupidity I wrote a “blog”. There was definitely a culture afoot.

    • Alis 12th September, 2018 at 7:48 pm

      IIRC Diaryland never had an API, which is why it was Not My Bag, Baby. The only reason I had a Melo was because I had fun writing bots to game its karma system.

      … Aah, misguided youth! 😛

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