So I have a passionate hatred for Microsoft Office, in particular Microsoft Word. I deeply and truly believe Microsoft Word is the world’s most useless desktop application; it’s like trying to cook a dinner when the only tool you have is a chef’s knife. Can you strain the pasta with just an eight-inch blade? Probably, if you tried. Would it be easier to use a colander? Sure would!

Nonetheless, occasionally in Day Job I have a need to produce ad hoc documents. How do without using Word? Specifically, How Do on Windows without using Word?

On my Mac, I use Ulysses; a Markdown text editor that has a pre-canned “export to DOC” function, and which is basically like the best thing ever. I was looking for an equivalent on Windows, and, much to my joy, realized Sublime Text 3 could totally Do The Thing with just a few plugins. Sublime is basically like the best text editor ever–I use it both on Windows and on Mac–and its workflow for configuring and exporting docs is super-easy to set up and super-painless to run.

The one thing extra I do is have a reference document, which is basically a blank Word document with the page set-up, headers and footers, and all the basic styles (Normal, Header 1, etc.) defined to look how I want them to look. I feed this into Sublime’s Pandoc extension with the user config:

	"default": {

		"pandoc-path": "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Pandoc\\pandoc.exe",

		"transformations": {

			"Microsoft Word": {
				"scope": {
					"text.html": "html",
					"text.html.markdown": "markdown"
				"pandoc-arguments": [
					"-t", "docx",  
					"--reference-docx", "C:\\Users\\alis\\Documents\\template.docx"
		"pandoc-format-file": ["docx", "epub", "pdf", "odt", "html"]


Et voilà! Perfectly templated corporate documents every time, with no assing about in Microsoft Word. Delicious.